French pastry, Vietnamese flavors

Cannelé Saigon is the first Saigonese e-shop specialized in cannelés, this famous pastry from the south of France, already made very popular in Korea and Japan.

At Cannelé Saigon, we want to make everyone discover this French delicacy while re-inventing the product with local ingredients & Vietnamese flavors.

Our chocolate cannelé uses local chocolate made by Marou, our coffee cannelé uses the local coffee from Laviet, our fruity flavors include only popular local fruits: kumquat, coconut & passion fruit.

For all tastes

Our cannelés are available to order by set of 4, 6 and 8. You can choose and mix any flavor you like in each set.
And order several sets!

You want to offer our cannelés as a gift? Great idea!

Let us know so we can prepare a gift box
for you.

You want to order cannelés for a special event?

No problem!

Olga & Laurene

We are a team of cake lovers.  

Olga is a Franco-Russian pastry chef with more than 15 years experience. She worked in several bakeries and pastry shops in Paris for 12 years before moving to Vietnam where she joined the famous chocolate manufacturer, Marou. She was in charge of researching and elaborating delicious new recipes!

Originated from the South West of France, Laurène is a marketing professional who grew up with a passion for cannelés and is eager to make it discover to saigonese foodies.


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